Website Benefits

Benefits of Having a Website

The year is 2018. At this point, there should be no mystery as to WHY you MUST have a website.

If you’re in business, it is a requirement.

Every day, more and more people are using the internet to find local businesses to fill their needs.

Whether it’s to order a pizza, find a new restaurant, get an estimate for contracting services, or to simply get information about you or your company.
People are using their computers, laptops, tablets, and especially their mobile devices (cell phones)
to get what they want.

If you’re not on the internet, OR if you just can’t be found,
guess what?
You’ve just lost their business.

Here are some of the mistakes most small business owners make
when considering getting a website:

“I can’t afford it.”
“I’ll just keep advertising in the Yellow Pages.”
“I’ll just keep passing out flyers.”
“I’ll just keep doing home shows.”
“I’ll just keep advertising in the coupon mailers.”
“I’ll just keep advertising in the newspaper.”

…And on and on.

If that’s the way you’re thinking, I have some bad news for you.

Those types of media are dying a very quick death.

If they have worked for you in the past, congratulations!
But PLEASE don’t count on them to continue to keep your business in business,
or you won’t have any business much l0nger.

If you don’t believe me, do your own research.
Go online to find some good news sources to see what they have to say about
such things as:
Newspaper sales, Yellow Pages stock value, Coupon Mailer effectiveness, etc.

Let me save you some time by telling you what you’ll find out:

THEY’RE ALL DOWN.  And going down faster than ‘The Titanic.’

The Truth is: You can’t afford NOT to have a website!

Without one, you’re losing sales, credibility, communication, and effectiveness
every single day.

But there’s hope! It’s NOT too late to Get Your Website Today!

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